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It is with care and concern that we join with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification) to support the certification of the forests we use to select our wood. Both the FSC and PEFC have programs to educate people and prevent deforestation. As a result, we only source our wood from European certified forests.

Every tree is unique and is often centuries old before it can be harvested. To sustain our forests, three new trees must be planted for each one harvested.


Today’s consumers recognize the importance of responsible product production and they value our natural resources. At Trackable Tree, our goal is to keep you fully informed about the history of the wood furniture you bring into your home.

Treating oak trees respectfully and processing them appropriately is very important to us.

Now that you know the history of your tree, we hope you will see it as special, too.


As part of our commitment to respecting our oak trees and forests, we treat the processing of each tree appropriately.

Our processing starts in one of the many certified forests. Every tree that is harvested is tagged with an individual number. Using the tree’s assigned number, we can trace the full history of each board throughout all stages of the process.

After being cut, trees remain in the forest to air dry. This is called the fell period. Logs are then cleared in order to keep forest routes open. Getting lumber out of the forest can be difficult during challenging weather conditions such as snowfalls or thaws, so typically we buy as much lumber as possible in autumn and spring.

After the trees are harvested, the logs are transported to our yard. Next, we cut the logs into boards. No mass production here. We closely examine the grain pattern and quality of every board to determine if it will be cut into thick or thin pieces. Then, the wood enters a crucial phase. Ideally, the boards are dried outdoors in all four seasons for two full years.

After that, we give the boards to our craftsmen so they may carefully select the right wood for your piece of furniture. Some boards are then smoked to create a beautiful, chemical-free finish. Others are pure lumber and in their final stage of processing oiled in a rich natural oil.

After the piece passes through all the work stations, it’s checked for superior quality and packed for delivery. Thanks to our trackable system, you can see the full production history detailing who did what and when.

We do what the industry cannot do.


For centuries, European Oak has been a favorite among craftsmen for its unique, rich, mature closed grain. Closed-grain wood is sturdy and has a beautiful variable texture from board to board. It is a warm honey color when used in interior furniture and floors, and transforms into a beautiful grey when used outside.

What’s more, it takes centuries before an oak tree can be harvested. Unlike pine that is often used before it is 60 years old, an oak tree can easily be 200 years old before it is harvested.

Poland is home to Europe’s largest concentration of certified oak forests managed by a government certification agency. All of our wood is harvested from certified oak forests that have been carefully managed, generation after generation.

We are proud and humble to work with this beautiful natural material.


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